Friday, July 28, 2006


Greetings, Earthlings! Reporting from Berlin this time. This is where the whole Robbie Williams saga which started about a year ago, came to it's hapy ending. The concert was amazing, almost orgasmic. But i'll write a whole post about it a bit later.

Berlin has also been treating us well so far. The last time i was here about 10 years ago or so when i was just a teenager. Don't remember much of that time. And to tell you the truth, i didn't expect much of Berlin but now that i've seen it's different faces i think it's actually worth coming back here for another long weekend or so.

Yesterday a friend who's local, took us to the more alternative, more underground Berlin The whole area was filled with crappy little places, like for instance "fake beach bars" in the backyards of the buildigs with sand and beach chairs and fake palm trees. Working girls were standing at the side of the road, wooing the potential customers. Lots and lots of artist type people were chilling in the bars and on the streets and the air was thick with the smell of hemp. We were too tired to fully enjoy it but i think we'll be going back tonight. So, wait for new reports.


Mark said...

Nuuks, ma nägin unes, et käisin ka. Ah et kohe orgasmic ... ääää kahju!!

Hernes said...

jepjepjep. ma kirjutasin nüüd ka sellest pikemalt. aga tead, ma kavatsen raudselt teda veel vaatama minna....kunagigi...siis tuled kaasa?