Monday, July 31, 2006

Robbie Williams – the best show ever!

Photo: Magnus

We reached the Berlin Olympiastadion at approximately half past 4. The gates opened at 3 already and the first support act was planned to hit the stage at 6. It was only later that I heard that the first lucky ones got a special entry to the fan zone, closest to the stage. But we did still pretty ok and took our places not far from the fence bordering the fan zone which means that Robbie was actually visible on stage and not only on the huge screens.

When I first entered the stadium, it took my breath away. The stadium itself is huge and pretty spectacular and the stage looked amazing and the anticipation of the upcoming concert suddenly hit me. Later, when Robbie got on stage and looked around, he too was amazed by the beauty and grandiose of the 1936 built stadium filled with his fans.

The weather was extremely hot and we had to refresh ourselves with several very nice cooling drinks, like mojitos and cuba libres and so on. So, by the time the first support act started we were already in a rather elevated mood. The timing throughout the show was tuned with German accuracy. The first act was Orson. I know only one song by them and they failed to impress me. The second act was Basement Jaxx and they really managed to get the crowd going. I’ve liked them for years now and they were as good as I expected them to be.

At 8.30 it was finally time for the “main man” to start the show. Robbie got me mesmerized from the moment he got on stage and I think I’m still under the influence a bit. At least one thing is 100% sure – I need to see him live again. Robbie for me is one of the very few artists who actually sounds better live than on the record. Add to that the way he acts on stage, how he can capture the audience and the jokes he makes, the way he talks to the people and the passion with which he sings, and you get a perfect live show experience. My favorite songs from this tour’s set list were: Tripping, Monsoon, Make me pure, Advertising space, Feel and the last encore song – Kids. For make me pure he had the audience to sing the chorus and only did the verse part by himself, that was amazing.

Only when the show was over, I felt the pain in my feet. Imagine standing and dancing for more than 5 hours in a row. The soles of my feet were hurting so bad that I actually took the shoes off and went all the way home barefoot, but I couldn’t care less after a show like that. Oh, and another thing, during the show Robbie and his friend Johnny Wilkes have a competition of who can kick a small signed football further away in the audience. One of these 2 balls landed in the hands of one of my friends, who was also at the concert. Imagine the luck! But she’s also been a fan for years and years, so I am only mildly jealous:)

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