Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Road trip

This weekend took me to southern part of Estonia and without really planning it this way, it kind of turned out to be a road trip through my beautiful country. In a way we made a whole loop – taking one way from north to south, cruising around a bit and taking another road back (Tallinn-Tartu-Otepää-Kuutsemäe-Tõrva- Viljandi-Tallinn).
(For the ones wondering how is this possible in one weekend…better take a look on the map to see the size of Estonia:) I had another realization of why I haven’t left Estonia to go live somewhere else….even if I say so myself, the nature here is absolutely gorgeous. The population density being as small as it is you can drive on the smaller roads for the whole morning and see only a couple of random cars, or none at all. You can see miles and miles of untouched snow on the fields and forests with big trees covered with snow. You can pull over, run on the fields and make a snow angel…I think I should get out of town more:)
Another thing is that Estonia is filled with weirdly named places. On this trip alone we came across Mõru (Bitter), Mõnnaste (sth like Pleasantville? or Comfytown), we even found Kabala (welcome Madonna and the rest of the followers!). Formerly I’ve also been to places called Muusika ( Music), Kohatu (Noplace), Tapa (Kill), Ihamaru (Luststorm), Põrgu (Hell), lots and lots of places ending with …vere (blood)….gotta love my country:)


N said...

we surely can not forget:
* Munalaskme (i'm not even going to try and translate it, Hernes, you do it ;))
* Mädapea (rotten head? :)?
* Neeruti (smth to do with kidneys)
* my personal favourite Kanepi (weedy :))
* Lustivere (Funville)

I'll add some more if they pop in to my head :)

Ingrid said...

My personal favourite is Litsmetsa :)

Anonymous said...

there's also o bus-stop on the way from Tartu to Viljandi called Napsi:) can't translate it, sry

Hernes said...

keep it coming, i'm really liking those names. I'll try to translate as well:
Litsmetsa - Whorewood?
Napsi - a shot or schnaps
Munalaskme - thanks N....i can't do it!!!!