Thursday, February 16, 2006

The average Estonian

More and more each day I have to wonder about how lucky I am with the people around me. For, if I consider my friends and family and colleagues, I have a feeling they are smarter than the rest, better looking than the rest and definitely better people than the rest.

In last couple of weeks I’ve been conducting a participation survey on Estonians’ behaviour and actions in various life situations. Just to give you an example of “the average Estonian”, here’s some examples.
Situation No1: I’m going home by bus, my hands are filled with bags (talk about girl coming from shopping:), the bus abruptly jerks to a halt and I fall backwards on the seat. It friggin hurts. Remember, my hands are full and it’s impossible to get back up without help…Nobody helps!
Situation No2: In a bus stop, a man has fallen on his knees, he is obviously drunk and somewhat bum-looking, but he also has a heavy rucksack and he’s struggling to get up. I try to help him. If you have ever dealt with drunk people you know it’s not easy. I call out for someone to help me, you know, some strong man, whoever….Nobody even takes another look. Somehow I manage to help him up and he still manages to get on the bus.
Situation No3: I’m exiting a store, I see a woman coming with a kid in her lap. I open 2 doors for her. She casts me an almost angry look and shows no gratitude. What’s that? I’m trying to help, biatch!

I try to do my part, though. Seeing, as good example doesn’t seem to do the trick, I’ve taken a more direct approach. The other day a man threw trash on the ground, a paper or sth, I picked it up and ran after him, saying: “Mr, you dropped sth.” The look on his face was priceless:) In a supermarket queue a woman (a rather big woman) stepped on my foot, looked at me and didn’t say a thing. I gave her another moment to react and then told her that it hurt, then she mumbled some kind apology under her breath.

Today, however, made me feel there might be some hope. I was about to exit the bus in my stop and the bus driver announced the name of the stop and added “And have a good day everybody!”:)


Whistler40069 said...

It is Absolutely amazing how most Estonians are incondsiderate. I am from Portland Oregon USA, but I now am staying in Estonia... I ride the bus, drive around, and notice that People are Just Plain Selfish. There is no Real consideration for "Thy Fellow Neighbor" or .. whatever. Really, I find it Annoying that Even in the Store or shop you can't get most Cashiers to blink or smile when you are checking out with them. Anyway.. people like you make me VERY happy, and I am hoping that People like you can start some sort of Campaign/or advertisement in this Country just have people smile at one another and understand that we are all the same.

Hernes said...

Yep, that's what i'm saying! I mean, i'm not asking for people to be happy and smile all the time. The winters here are long and it does get depressing:) But at least some consideration, or plain politeness. About the campaign, however...i am not so sure it could be helped by a campaign. If, then it has to be a brilliant campaign, maybe with a bit of sel-irony and ridiculing the way people act.