Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I think i'm growing up

I knew it the moment I wrote it down, just did not want to admit it. It’s impossible to get 2 good things at once. It goes against my theory of limited happiness. I hate it when I’m right about those things. So, the thing about the 2 “interestings” is that only one of them seems to be following through, and of course it’s the professional and not the personal one. The thing is I will be contributing to a new magazine, coming out this week. I hope they’ll benefit from my vast knowledge of international gossip. No worries, I’m not quitting my current job, just using my hobby for a bit of extra income.

The second thing is that I had a pleasant bumping into situation with someone promisingly interesting but as it turns out, nothing will come out of it after all. However, I realized this in only a week’s time, that’s something! I’m not even feeling bad about it. If anything, I’m glad there are still interesting people out there and I’ve still got it in me to recognize them (though the occasions are as rare to come by as finding the right outfit at last-minute shopping an hour before a party).

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