Friday, March 23, 2007

Feel like falling in love?

I am not quite sure if the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) has hit me this year already. Sure, I’m tired and I feel like sleeping all the time but this has been my condition for a while now, I can feel some apathy, probably just a bit of lethargy, but not so much loss of feelings or mood changes. I am hoping I get away with it slightly more easily this year. Fingers crossed!

However, looking around me and hearing the stories, it seems there’s also a different kind of epidemic spreading. People are breaking up their relationships. Come to think of it, may be it is somewhat connected to SAD (loss of feelings, apathy etc). Last weekend I heard about 3 couples breaking up in my circle of friends and acquaintances and at least one on the verge of it. Is it something like a thorough spring cleaning? Getting rid of all the old stuff you think you don’t need any more? I wonder if there’s any statistics about when couples break up most. I have a feeling it happens more in spring and also around January 1st.

As far as I understand spring is also the time of falling in love and finding boy/girlfriends. So, is it the same people who have just broken up or totally different lot? Or both of them? And when does that falling in love period start? When the SAD time is over and we’ve successfully passed the “loss of feeling” age?

When was the last time you were in love?


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iga natukese aja tagant. ülepeakaela. ilma naljata. inimene on jätkuvalt 1. see on imeline. homme olen rohkem kui täna.