Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tallinn-Tartu express

Last weekend I tried a new way of passing the irritably long distance between Tallinn and Tartu. I tookthe train! First class, of course. I never fly first class, so I thought at least I can afford first class in train. And, well, second class was all sold out already. Now, the pros compared to the bus.
First, more room – more leg room as well as the possibility of standing up and walking around. Even if I didn’t use the possibility I felt very content of knowing I could do so anytime:)
Second, internet access – for some reason it wasn’t working that time, but again, in theory, there’s the possibility:)
Third, power outlet for charging my laptop. Its battery is getting empty so fast these days, so in train I can just plug it in and watch movies.
Fourth, for some strange reason I can’t read in the bus but can do so in train.
Fifth, free tea or coffee. Yippii!
Sixth, you can buy food if you’re hungry. You can actually stand up, go to the “bar” and buy a sandwich. And, you can buy drinks as well, even alcohol is on the menu, which is not allowed in the bus.
Seventh, the train station is way closer to my home and this is definitely a winning reason, considering the taxi fares these days.

I think I’m gonna give the train thing another try the next time I go to Tartu.


Nele said...

bussid sakivad. punkt. kuulsin täna telekast, et avatakse liin tallinn-riia. luksus ju. kui oleks ka liin tallinn-otepää, tervitaksin siinkohal linnaisasid. aga ei ole. jään ootama.

Hernes said...

Tallinn-riiaga vist läheb veel aega, aga davai, sõidame Tartu, vaatame filmi ja joome vaikselt siidrit ja naudime teekonda:):)

mark said...

ülikõva pilt ... selles on midagi mmagilist ... ülikõva

mark said...


Hernes said...

kahjuks ei ole see minu tehtud pilt:( aga kuna pildil polnud küljes ka autori nime, siis ei saa teda ka esile tõsta....

Anonymous said...

Great pic