Friday, February 09, 2007

Smell of scent

Have you noticed that with really cold weather, like we’re having currently, your scent smell gets fainter. Why is that? Or, why does smokers’ scent smell weaken? How come some people don’t realize they have a very strong body odor? Why is dogs’ sense of smell so much better? Why is it possible to eat or drink something disgusting with your nostrils closed? Some of those questions have been answered here. Like for instance I found out that dogs in general have a nose approximately a hundred thousand to a million times more sensitive than a human's, because humans have about 2*4 cm² of olfactory epithelium, whereas some dogs have 150 cm². I also found that not all humans can smell andostenone, a component of male sweat (and minor component of female one). And so on.

Smells play an important role in my life, I think my scent memory is the strongest and most lasting one all senses. Just one whiff of aroma can bring back memories and trigger emotions. I was once sniffing a friend of mine the whole evening long because he smelled like someone important from my past. I have followed a man on the street because he was smoking a pipe. I think my olfactory sensory neurons are more sensitive than several other people’s. That gives me the beautiful world of smells but also makes me more sensitive to the smells that do not suit me.

However, there are loads of scents I absolutely adore, like:

freshly sliced cucumber
cherry tobacco pipe
sautéing onion for cooking
freshly washed bed linen
freshly washed hair
fresh coffee
forest in autumn
wild strawberries
nail polish remover
fresh wood
chokecherry tree
freshly cut lawn
christmas tree
baking apple cake

Add your favs.


Nele said...

GO SEE: Perfume (the movie). KOHE! aga MAN kui lemmikasi - mehed ju erinevalt lõhnavad või sulle meeldivad KÕIK? :) aga minu klassikalisi lemmikuid: värske pesu, just lahti lõigatud arbuus, metsmaasikad jne, need mis kõikidele meeldiavad ja värskuse/puhtusega seostuvad. Aga meeldib ka näiteks pruuni naha lõhn kui solaariumist olen tulnud, tiku/küünla kustumise lõhn jne.

Poisiklutt said...

Jess, ma ei olegi pervo, mulle meeldib julmalt kui Anni tuleb solaariumist ... terve õhtu nuusun ... aga see vaikselt kaob ära, samas ma ei salli isepruunistuva kreemi lõhna ... öakk ... selline soe!

Hernes said...

jaa, kuidas ma tiku lõhna usnustasin:) ja veel tuli meelde auto klaasipuhatsaja lõhn:)

Anonymous said...

Mulle hirmsalt meeldib ka kulupoletamise lohn. Puromaan S.