Monday, February 05, 2007

Feelin better

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Being sick sucks. Sucks sick. Anyhow, I’m almost well now. But meanwhile I did not have any inspiration to write here. Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep so I wrote sth but it’s not for public display. So I still got zero material:)

I could write about the last trip to London, of course. However, since it was more than a week ago, it now seems I could just jot it down in couple of sentences. Seeing S and J again was great, shopping was satisfactory and Portobello lovely, again. Ooh, Lovely London! Oh, and stand-up comedy was way better than I expected. Must see again.

I could also write about the Estonian Eurovision entry but this year I really cared so little I almost passed out. In the words of a 13-year old: Waddeva!

However, there is one topic I could write about that I thought of this weekend but I’m not sure how to make it presentable here. I’m workin on it.

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