Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mika – Life in cartoon motion

Saturday was a happy day for me. There was a little package in my post box. Only 5 days after its release date, HMV managed to deliver MIKA’s debut album “Life in cartoon motion”. I suspect some of you do not know Mika, some of you know him from my previous introductory post and some of you are fans like me.

Mika must really be getting tired of all the comparisons to Scissor Sisters and Freddie Mercury but what can we do if it’s true. It must be his vocal range from low to extremely high, which prompts those comparisons. There’s a bit of Freddie in all of the songs and the most Scissors-like are probably “Love Today” and “Stuck in the middle”. By now I’m already done listening to the previously released “Grace Kelly” and “Relax”, so my 2 new favourites from the album are firstly, the ballad-like “Happy ending” which ends with an opera-like section where you can hear that he’s had classical voice schooling; and secondly the disco-dance-pop-like “Ring, ring” (hidden bonus track), which must be using a sample of an old eighties or nineties song, I just can’t figure out, which one.

I’ve bought records because of only one song and I usually feel I’ve done a good deal when I can love 3 songs on an album. In case of “Life in cartoon motion” I could love at least 5 to 6 songs. 5 out of 11 is undoubtedly a good deal.

You may or may not like Mika’s music but you should at least give it a try or you may be missing out on witnessing a star being born. He has written all the songs on the album, including the lyrics, he plays piano or percussion on many of the tracks and he’s done the artwork of the album book. Talent really transfers to different areas.

Here's for you to listen: Mika "Ring Ring"


Rohtla said...

Ha, I have somewhat the same emotions about Mika. I discovered him in London and got the record right away. He has something that the majority of pop artists don't.

Anonymous said...

My Interpretation :)

Hernes said...

My Interpreation? Is that the song Anonymous likes? Is one of my favs as well:)

Anonymous said...

pole küll plaati otsast lõpuni läbi kuulanud, aga seni jah :)