Sunday, January 06, 2008

My wonderful year 2007

Oops, January 6th and no yearly summary yet! Naughty, naughty! Here it comes - important events, trips and new people.

New haircut, birthday, went to London, saw my first stand-up comedy

Nothing, it seems.

Got a new side-job, writing for a magazine.

Went to Reamonn concert – perfect, met Nk and R again in Prague, had a great time, met M and the rest of the kiwis. Trouble in Tallinn,

Trip through Catalonia, Placebo concert

Big TM birthday, trip to Cannes.

Trip to Tuscany, the prison party, the perfect weekend in Pärnu, Kokolo concert, met R. Trip to Switzerland, met up with M.

Learned wind-surfing, TJ was back in town, creativity training.

Not a good month, death of a relative. Fragilidad.

Took up learning salsa, best thing against bad mood, lost my car in an accident, the universe starts screwing me.

Great weekend in London, my sis got a new job.

Not a good month, bad times at work, N not my colleague any more. Universe is still a bitch. Marilyn Manson concert.

Summary: seems all was just perfect up to end of September, then several things started going wrong. Like in economy, decrease should logically be followed by increase. Work woth me here, universe!

Oh, and 3 of the visited countries were new additions to the list - Czech Republic, France and Switzerland. Can i top that in 2008?

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