Saturday, January 26, 2008

Morocco travel letter: Agadir-Marrakech

The next morning the alarm clock wakes us from the wine-induced death sleep and we pack for the journey. We’re not sure for how long we’ll be gone but pack some things for a couple of days – some clothes, hygiene stuff and most of the Estonian chocolates we’ve brought for handing out as gifts. The summer dresses and shorts and pretty much most of the luggage is left behind. We plan to return to Agadir at some point and maybe head south, to see the different parts of Morocco. The bus ride is indeed comfortable, with air conditioning and just about 6 more people on the bus. During the first stop I buy 2 apples and some mandarins. It costs too much, but it must be the apples, as the mandarins literally grow on trees here. They’re everywhere – at the sides of the roads, in the cities – and they taste deliciously sweet and fruity.

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