Friday, January 25, 2008

Keef halek?

I am back from my short but extremely satisfying trip to Morocco. During the 8 hours i've been back (out of which 5 were spent sleeping), already about 6 people have asked me how come i'm not tanned. Let's make this clear now:) I didn't spend even one minute laying by the pool and i never had the reason to wear my bikini. Instead i travelled a lot and experienced loads. It was a really good trip. I promise to write more very soon.

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Nele said...

päevitada saab solaariumis ka. berberitega Saharas tantsu lüüa ja kogu jõust laulda - mulle tundub, et täna ma ei skoori... ei skooori... seda ei saa solaariumis. nii et jah - me ei päevitanud mitte sekunditki, aga tegime muid hullusi :)