Monday, April 09, 2007

Reamonn concert

The story of a great concert experience a.k.a. how I ended up chatting with the bass player.

So I got the tickets to go and see the German-Irish rock-band Reamonn. Tallinn was the last one on their new album tour list. Since I got the tickets rather on last minute and all the friends I asked to come with me had to be somewhere else, I ended up going to this amazing event alone. However, I think that actually allowed me to enjoy the concert to the fullest. Some of my friends were a bit in darkness about who Reamonn is, but if I told them they’re the ones singing Supergirl and Tonight, they went like, yeah, sure, now I know. Some of them, and now I mean the ones groping in total darkness, were still perplexed and only after I played them one of the 2 songs they went like, oh, yeah, sure, of course I know them.

The venue was Rock Café, which was perfect, because it’s big enough for a loud enough crowd and small enough to still have the more intimate concert feeling. For the whole concert I was dancing right in front of the stage and I could have literally grabbed the singer by his leg, had I wanted to make a total fool of myself. I’ve liked the band since their very first single Supergirl and to tell you the truth I’d have gone to their concert even if Supergirl was their only hit ever, the song has such a power over me. But of course there’s more – Star, Alright, Only when you sleep etc. And I must say, their latest album Wish may be their best ever, at least for me. My favs are Starship, Seprentine, Tonight…

OK, back to the concert. Like I said, great experience – good vibe, good connection to the audience and I guess it doesn’t hurt that they’re as good or better live as on the album. The comments I heard from the audience after the guys finished playing were all superlative: “The best concert ever!”, “I’m definitely buying the album now!”, “Where’s their next gig?” etc.. As for me, I was really getting into the whole feeling starting from Starship, reaching the top of the emotions when Rea made the whole crowd sing along to Tonight and Serpentine and climaxing by Supergirl.

After the concert I lingered for a while, trying hopelessly to reach my friends by phone when all of a sudden Phil, the bass guitarist came back from backstage and I got a chance to thank him for the concert. And that’s how it happened that we ended up chatting for about half an hour. You know of course that the bass player’s always the coolest one in the band, right? We talked about the band, their best concerts, our lives and hobbies and nicknames etc. Sounds like a perfect first date, doesn’t it:)? The only thing missing was a dinner and a couple of drinks.


Anonymous said...

Väga vahva! Ja lihtsalt teemat arendades ja bassimeestest rääkides...tean ma siin ühte tüdrukut, kes läks Wyclef Jeani bändiga nende hotellituppa kaasa ja ärkas hommikul bassimehe kõrval (või oli see hoopis trummar?:)):)

Hernes said...

No vaat siis. Mina ärkasin ilusti oma voodis:)

Anonymous said...

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