Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 1 - The CSG meet again

We made it happen, the Cherry Sensation Girls finally met again. This time, in Prague. I last saw R in June 2006 when I visited her in Spain and Nk I haven’t seen since, what…September 2005 in Slovenia? Could that be? Yet, when we meet, it’s like it was 2 weeks ago since our last get-together. It’s easy and fun, we don’t need many words to make ourselves understood and we don’t need to baby-sit on one another. It’s all just natural and easy. You can imagine how many times we had to explain why an Estonka, a Slovenka and a Spanka meet up in Prague:)

So, Prague, I think it’s a nice city and has a good feeling about it, kind of cozy and homey, a bit like Tallinn with all the red roofs and the old town, only it’s about 4 times bigger. Someone once said in an article that Tallinn is the new Prague, god, I hope it will never be getting as many tourists as Prague. It’s awful, they’re everywhere! I’m pretty sure all the locals are staying away from the old town, at least during daytime. However, the perfect weather made it all good. It was like summer, we actually got sunburned, can you believe it, in the beginning of April. And they have an excellent public transport system, the trams go everywhere, even during the night. When you’re not staying like really in the outskirts, you won’t even need a metro and we didn’t take a taxi once, which is probably good cause from what I’ve heard you get ripped off by the taxi drivers.

The hostel we staid in, Sir Toby’s, was a perfect choice – cheap, yet clean and comfortable and very friendly and easygoing and obviously attracting the same type of people. That’s actually where most of the first day was spent. Just chillin with Nk, waiting for R to arrive, sipping some beer, the one and only bottle during the whole weekend. See, I don’t really drink beer, which is a pity as it was really cheap. We did go to an art museum in the neighbourhood, but it was a waste of time and money.

In the evening we started drinking some Vana Tallinn and The Cherry Sensation drink. Sharing some stories with a French and American guy. When it got dark, we moved from the yard to the kitchen and met the Kiwi gang. I keep saying New Zealanders cause I was never sure if kiwi was offensive or not. I thought it’s like calling a black guy nigger. Guess I learned a lot that night. We ran out of booze so we moved on to the pub downstairs. Then some of the friends of the kiwis showed up and so we had the aussies and a brit in our company. I was the first Estonian the aussies and the kiwis had ever met, so I hope I made a good impression. Aaanyway, it was a very entertaining evening and lasted long, thanks to the excellent company I was having;)

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