Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 2 - feeling the city

The second day was mostly spent chilling. You know I always say that instead of seeing all the tourist sites you should feel the city. We were feeling it alright. Feeling some shopping, feeling some sunburn on our faces, feeling the cobbled streets, the clock tower, the parks and the Charles bridge (Karluv Most). We also got ripped off by the exchange office. Take care in touristic places as they advertise the Euro selling price (like anyone would want to buy Euros in the middle of Prague old town!) and you see the miserable rate you’re getting only on the check and there’s nothing you can do then. Bad karma to the exchange guy!

In the evening we started off by having some drinks with friends and then headed for one of the 3 salsa places I had previously searched out from internet. This one was called Tropison. I can not believe the bad luck we were having with the salsa places! Finding the place was a challenge on it’s own. With the address being somewhere on Namesty Republiky this would be a great spot for orientation tracks. I think we saw the friggin Namesty Republiky from all it’s angles and for about 34 times during the whole weekend. So we finally found the place, took a tiny shaky lift upstairs (sounds promising, right!), entered the place…to be greeted by Turkish music. No salsa that night!

Searching for another club for partying we bumped into some Spaniards who took us to a place called Double Trouble. The place reminded me very much of that place in Ljubljana, where people were touching your ass. Anyways, the mojito was only 3 euros, which is very cheap for a place in centre of town, the music was good and we were having fun. Strange thing about the club was that half naked guys were dancing on the bar and on the tables, though it wasn’t a gay club. They weren’t dancers either, just random guests, some of them unaware that their six-pack has been ingeniously hidden under a thick bolster for years. The awful thing about the club was the non-existing ventilation, which forced us to leave the club at some point as the smoke was really starting to affect breathing and vision.

On our way home, avoiding taxis, 2 guys were helping us figure out the night transportation system. Generally, people were extremely helpful to us in Prague, we were constantly asking about things and even if some of them were the worst in giving directions, they were at least trying:)

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