Friday, April 14, 2006

The only way is up...

Whewwww…we’ve done it, we’ve successfully survived the ever-lasting-f*cking-nine-months-long winter and from now on everything is only getting better. The weather (especially the sun) must be the best bit of the good things that are happening, but it’s just the first of the whole list.

Thanks to the wonderful blog world i managed to pin down the "disease" that's been bothering me. Turns out it's just really SAD...(as in - not funny:)
S.A.D. means 'seasonal affective disorder', a type of winter depression that affects half a million people every winter between September and April. (Lethargy, overeating, apathy, loss of feelings, anxiety, mood changes, vulnerability to infections and viruses). (I found it here). But hey…I can already feel that it’s almost gone.

So, there’s the spring weather and the sun, there’s the recovering from SAD…and there’s the great holiday to look forward to. I’ve bought my tickets to Barcelona for 2 wonderful weeks in Spain in June (Ruth, honey, be prepared and get the cherries ready, the cherry-sensation girls are coming;)

Oh, not to forget…I went out yesterday, had a wonderful time and ended up dancing and afterwards having a late after-party drink and 3dimensional philosophical conversation with a group of 7 (or were there 8...hmm) guys. Ain't that a snow white situation:)? See, it takes just the small things to make a girl feel special. So, that was no. 4 on the list.

And last, but not least… i still have a whole long weekend ahead of me, including some good time at my parents' place, lots of good food, rest and egg painting. Gotta love that!


Räül said...

...mnjaa, see SAD asi on küll läbi, aga ära muretse, kohe algab kevadväsimus :D

mwahaha, mina ei põeks tegelt kohe üldse, kohe varsti saab eksameid kirjutada!

Hernes said...

oops, i forgot to mention that the philosophical discussions were about who's tougher - Chuck Norris, MacGyver or A-team....i thought it's important to mention it:) (and of course Macgyver wins)

Räül said...

Nothing can beat Chuck Norris!

R said...

I'm ready, honey!!!
Go Cherry! Go Cherry! Go, Go, Go Cherry!!!! ;o)

lee said...

Chuck rocks! McGyver is a wuss .. and the a-team .. the biggest guy is afraid of flying, the funest guy is a looney and the prettiest guy is basically too straight to be even remotely contriversial .. so .. no contest .. Chuck is the man!