Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Mask

You start with a shower
(To wash off yesterday)

Then you take a long look in the mirror
(This is decision time)

Then you slowly start putting on the mask

First…the make-up
(For staying strong)

Then…the dress, the high heels and the stockings
(For confidence)

And as the last thing…you put on a smile
(Let the show begin!)


Clifford Duffy said...

hello Hernes, I found yer blog by accident . Writing from Canada, and wished to say how I was touched by this piece of writing. It reads as a poem, should, a construction, a thought, a mood,a feeling, a rhythm , truth. Thank you. Visit us at our groups space when you have a chance, at

Hernes said...

Thank you!

I realised this was my 100th post.

And i promise this was the last of the series of "sad posts". The weather is getting better and good things will start to happen. It's time to kill the winter and the bad mood!

Karin said...

we just need to keep the faith :)