Monday, March 20, 2006

The tables have turned

I got into a conversation about prostitution the other day. As the guys I was talking to, seemed to know more about the topic, I asked them if there are also male hookers for pleasuring the women in Estonia. They were reckoning that the service probably is available. However, all of them were pretty sure that it’s most likely not very popular, as “girls just have to go to a nightclub and can easily find a guy for a night.” Right… Maybe that used to be the rule…maybe… Here’s how the situation looks like today.

It’s a popular conception that the women in Estonia are beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but the girls do take care of them, keep fit and spend fortunes on clothes and beauty products; they’re also well-educated and if they’re not hard-core babes, I’d say they are mostly a “good catch”. Formerly I have also talked about the shortage of good guys and that if they are equal in value to the girls, they’re usually taken. Put the 2 aspects together and you understand that the pressure of competition is fierce for the women.

This weekend I went out with some friends, we also went to a nightclub. Another friend of mine was there. He’s been back “on market” for about a month or so and there he was, just sitting at the bar, surrounded by a flock of girls (and it’s not an exaggeration – I saw as much as 4 girls), fighting for his attention, all of them gorgeous. This other friend of mine does have a girlfriend but we sometimes go out together and act as each other’s safety net, if the situation demands. The last time we went out, he had as much as 3 pretty straightforward offers for spending the rest of the evening. And this time, again, a girl somehow attached herself to his arm and wanted to share a cab home with us. I’m pretty sure she’d shared the cab also to his home, had he offered it. Now, what do you think? I’d say there are already too many exceptions… and if there are too many exceptions, they form a new rule.


pandiatonic said...

Hernes, it cannot be that good. You are describing the paradise for men. There must be something bad about being a man in Estonia. What is it?

And where have all the good men gone?

Hernes said...

Hey, first of all - welcome back to the readers' circle;)

Second...bad about being a man in Estonia?...hmmm...the weather sucks, that's one!

Third, the good men have been taken off the market!

molecular gastronomy said...

Nice seeing you too. How the hell do you know that you know who i am?

The weather applies to both men and women, so we can not consider it as a drawback for men.

Please give me some more arguments against being a man in Estonia.

Hernes said...

:):):)Babe, i SEE YOU!

Ok, the girls can be real bitches sometimes....ok, that can happen in all the countries...hmm...
men work real hard and tend to have burnouts in early middle age if they lose their job or sth similar and resulting from which there are many suicides, resulting from which the average age for men in Estonia is rather low.

hierarchical pitch relationships said...

ok, but HOW do you see me??