Thursday, March 16, 2006


Muhv is the first one
Muhv is a well known character in a well known Estonian Children’s book. I’d personally say that Muhv is legendary. Muhv has many good features – friendliness, good heart etc. Muhv likes to travel and Muhv has a strange habit. Wherever Muhv travels, he sends himself letters ahead, so that when he reaches the place, he can go to the post office and claim the letters he has sent himself. He just goes there and asks for “Muhv, poste restante.” Muhv used to do this because he was lonely and his own letters were a consolation and made him feel less alone. Later on, when he found some good friends and was not alone any longer, he just kept sending the letters out of habit.

I am Muhv, too, and N is Muhv. I love to get real letters and postcards and stuff like that. I love the excitement of opening a letter or getting a note that there’s a package waiting for me in the post office. And I send myself stuff too. From each country that I travel to, in addition to about 10 postcards I have to send to my friends, I send one for myself. And I buy CD-s from internet and now I subscribed to a great magazine that I cannot get in Estonia. And I know a friend of mine from Germany just wrote me a letter….and now I just can’t wait til all of those things start arriving. The excitement….it’s killing me:)

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