Saturday, September 06, 2008

The pros and cons of new job

Con: there's so many new things to master that i no longer feel like i know evrything about everything.
Pro: i am learning so much, so many new things every day and hopefully i'll be good at what i do very soon.

Con: the office is no longer situated by the sea and is a bit further away from my place than the old office, but....
Pro: ...hey, they gave me a car to get to it :)

Con: no more beautiful fishtank next to my table and no sofa in the office!!!!! (must work on that).
Pro: The office is situated on 2 floors so i have to move my ass to get a coffee or glass of water from downstairs kitchen. And there are TV's in the office, including the toilets. Lately we've been watching VH1 and it's better than any radio, less repetition.


Anonymous said...

let me just spell out the biggest PRO - MOET!!! :):):)

Hernes said...

True, true! Ma ei ole sellistest headest asjadest, nagu tooted, siin veel üldse rääkinud. Küll varsti mekime ja elaboreerime.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait. ;)