Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Platon, autumn and high heels

It's been three weeks now and i'm doing a lot of work and it doesn't seem like a rocket science or brain surgery. It's just work. But i do tend to stick to the things which i do best and am a bit reluctant towards the unfamiliar numbers and budgeting topics, but getting there, getting there.... What i do best, though, is meeting people, throwing around ideas, finding solutions, organizing stuff and communicating.

Today i went to a business meeting with a guy called Platon (u know, like the famous philosopher). Little did i know before the meeting that mr Platon was something of a 25-26 year-old well-groomed playboy-looking man and I had to be presentable and charming while having the worst stomach ache, ever! It went alright though. The power of concentration!

Things like that happen to me. Like the fact that almost every day i've been wearing skirts and dresses and high heels (because i can, and i love it) and the one day i wasn't, the "big boss" from aboad happened to stop by the office. He happens to appreciate nice clothing, heels and a bit of bling. Argh...however, i think i'm getting a new chance with him. I'm going to charm the hell out of him.

Oh, and since i've been whining about the weather a lot, i'm giving it a lot of credit now. It's been a marvellous beautiful, almost warmish, colourful autumn weather. I wanted it and i got it, and i love it!

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