Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic fever

I have been totally in Olympic fever. That's pretty much all i've been watching on TV. Not that i's so very exciting because i mostly see the events after knowing the results, but it's just fun to watch, especially swimming, well, to be more precise - men's swimming:) My favourite TV programme is the Beijing Express on Eurosport - one hour packed with day's events plus best pictures of the day in zapping. Oh, the bliss. And Estonia got a medal, so that's good too, we're in the list of medalwinning countries, yey! And Phelps got his 8 golds. Congratulations! And i have a new favourite athlete - Usain Bolt - the Boltman, the Boltergeist! He's just so good to look at. The almost 2-meter guy runs 100 m like it's a walk in the park, gets a new world record and has time to spread his arms, look around and actually slow down right before crossing the finish line. That's some good entertainment in 9,69 seconds!

Edit: Oh, i almost forgot, i absolutely LOVE the modern techical wonders. Like the fact that when the swimmer is about to break the world record, the digital green record line is visible on the screen or when the athletes are throwing the javelin, their last attempt is shown with a subtle red line or the fact that i am on a train right now, watching the live coverage from Beijing as i write this.

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