Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend delights

This weekend offered me 2 excellent experiences. SEAL concert on Saturday and Euro Cup 2008 final and Spain winning it.

Seal was just as good as i expected him to be. It is a bit tricky, going to a concert with high expectations, but luckily he's so good that he managed to fulfil my expectations. His voice is so powerful that even the sound of Saku Suurhall was okay this time. And of course, he's pure sex on stage, the way he can move his, well:) But, the best part was his way of communicating with the audience. One of his very few requirements for the concerts was to have the barriers in front of the stage removed so he could be closer to the people. Excellent!

The Euro Cup final was also as good as expected. Two excellent teams were playing and the better one won. I was cheering for Spain anyway, but even if i wasn't, they were so boviously better than the Germans, and they surely deserved the win after 44 years. Viva Espana!

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R said...

Yep! We won! Thanks for your support honey! ;))