Sunday, June 15, 2008

Portugal travel letter: finale

I head back to Lisbon for my last day, just to enjoy the city and the hostel some more. We watch Portugal winning 3:1 against the czechs and I even take the tram back to Belem to buy the pastries for my family. I have had a VERY good trip and I think doing it alone was actually the best idea.

What Portugal has given me:
- 5 new friends on facebook and loads more nice aqcuintances
- understanding that travelling alone is actually really fine
- lots and lots of good memories
- ass of steel and calves of iron from all the walking on the hills of Lisbon and Porto
- my first sunburn this year
- satisfaction

What Portugal has taken from me:
- piece of my heart
- 2 kg-s off my body weight
- all my money:) (not that I care – money comes and goes) and to be fair, loads of it was already spent in London and most of it was spent on me, myself and I

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