Sunday, February 10, 2008

List of things to make and do for a great party night and the day after

1. Have some time to get ready and make yourself beautiful. It’s all about feeling fabulous.
2. Eat something before you start drinking.
3. Listen to good music.
4. Party with the people you like and trust. Why waste your time with anyone not worthy?
5. Drink something you like for the taste and not because it gets the job done of making you drunk.
6. Go out somewhere to dance. Definitely! Til your feet hurt. You know there’s a dancing queen/king in you, let her/him out.
7. Have some food at your place. Sometimes even your trustworthy after-party-snack-place can be out of stock and let you down. But you need some food, as the alcohol and dancing will surely make you hungry and with some food in system the next morning is easier.
8. Don’t eat all the food at night, at least have some eggs for the omelet in the morning/afternoon. You will not be strong enough to go grocery shopping. Whatever’s in the fridge, there should be enough for two. You might come home with someone or there might be some tired friend who needs to crash at your place.
9. Aspirin. Soluble. Have one before going to sleep.
10. Have a bottle of water by your bed. Drink a lot. Dehydration is bad for your body.
11. Have an easy-reading book ready for the next day, or some DVD-s or a computer to watch TV shows online. You are not always lucky enough to get something like Mythbusters or comparably suitably mindless programming on TV.
12. Do not plan meetings or dates for the day after. It is fairly possible that you look like shit. You can, however, share the day with the aforementioned likeable and trustworthy people you spent the previous night with. They won’t judge you.
13. Train your mum not to call before 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s polite to answer her calls but it’s equally polite of her to not call while you’re still having your rest.


Nele said...

menüü oli vapustav. tänks.
-tired friend- :)

Hernes said...

Anytime, baby, anytime!