Friday, September 28, 2007

Why i like autumn

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People, please, turn on the heating, feeling the need to wear gloves inside is beyond normal. Now that i got this off my chest i can go on telling you why i like autumn...

...the changes - i love watching the trees turning yellow one by one, occasionally theres some which turn red instead. It's beautiful. Even the gutters are beautiful, filled with colorful leaves.
...the rain - the evenings when the rain is tapping on the window and you can just stay in with a bottle of wine and some good food.
...mushrooms - it's mushroom season and we know i like them. I should go and pick some but right now it's clashing with the second item on the list. Tough call. beginnings - autumn is as good a season as any other to take up new hobbies and generally start something new.
...the clothes - i must admit, summer dresses and flipflops are my top favourite items of outfit but wearing the coats, high heels and stockings is not so bad either.

...that's it for now. Can someone please turn on the heating now!!??


Toomas said...

I'm sorry, but autumn is awful. It's cold and depressing, often it's raining.

Hernes said...

That's kind of the point, we all know it can be depressing, but it's a challenge to find the good stuff. Autumn's getting so much s*** from people, most of us don't like it:(