Wednesday, September 05, 2007

People never go to the toilet in the films

Have you noticed how the characters in the films almost never go to the toilet? Another thing that they don't do is eating. Unless it's a film about food or in rare occasions a romantic comedy involving first date. But they never eat in action films, if anything, they have a coffee. Take, for instance, the new Bourne masterpiece. They run around like crazy for 24 hours and when they actually have a chance to sit down in a café they have one tiny coffee and that's it. Come to think of it, those two things may be interrelated. When you don't eat or drink, there's no reason of going to the toilet.


Anonymous said...

H: nonono, they do eat in Oceans 11. brad is always eating:) (i'mnot sure if you consider that an action movie...:))

Nele said...

and they never pick their nose, fart, burp, scratch their head, comb their hair, wash dishes, iron their clothes, read books etc etc etc. because the everyday life would not be the thing we actually want to see when choosing an action movie. we LIVE the everyday life and routines. we want to see supercool people with supercool lives and adventures. right? how adventurous is eating?

Hernes said...

Heh:) I don't know, i just want to see them grab a little bite to get some energy, u know. I don't expect them to do the ironing. Even i don't do that.

Good point on Brad. Down to earth guy:)