Monday, February 22, 2010

Family people

What do you do when you're old enough to have moved out of your mama's home but not just there yet to have created a new family of your own. Well, you create a substitute family and start spending your time with them. Usuallyit is a family of friends. And what do those families do? They do things like all kinds of families do, like have meals together - though probably not as often as the conventional mum-dad-kids families. They spend time playing board games or just talking nonsense or watching movies or cooking together or going to cinema or theater or concerts or they go out for walks etc. Plus those families have the added luxury of doing things together, which is more uncommon in conventional families, like partying together on Fridays til the sun comes up or traveling together without having to worry about where to chuck the kids etc. So, let's see, last week i did like half of those things and i have a family holiday awaiting. I could say i am becoming a real family person:)

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