Sunday, January 03, 2010

Malena Ernman singing in Estonian

Kaljuste võttis kätte ja õpetas Malena Ernmanile selgeks eestikeelse Tuulevaiksel ööl, mida viimane ka 1. jaanuaril Hennessy Uusaastakontserdil esitas. Vabandust kvaliteedi pärast, kohepeal oli super ja rahva aplaus lõpus ei tahtnud lõppeda.


Jennifer said...

Haha! This video is taken by me. Glad that you seem to like it ;o)
I filmed it with my arm in cast and with my photocamera, that's why the quality is a bit bad.

Hernes said...

Thanks for filming. She was great, wasn't she! Hoping to get the TV crew's footage as well.

Jennifer said...

She is the best!
I gave her a thump up when she got out. She did that song really well. She knew I was sitting there adn looked up at me to see if it was OK.
I'm from Stockholm as Malena is. We had the same flight over to Tallinn actually.

Would also like to have the TV crew's footage.

Jennifer said...

Forgot to say I was visiting relatives in Tallinn and speak a bit of Estonian and helped her a bit.

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