Friday, May 22, 2009

Bless you!

I'm a sneezer. I sneeze very often and mostly it's more than 3 times in a row. One time when i sneezed for 5 times, our secretary started laughing and said that when someone sneezes, it means she's thinking of sex. Khm. Ok. After that, every time she hears me sneezing, she goes: "Kadriiiii, stop it!"
And yesterday i read an article on sneezing and it actually confirms her little theory. Turns out it's a well-accepted theory that sneezing and sex have a connection. For some people only thinking of sex is enough and for some it follows orgasm. Go figure!
From my own experience, every time i sneeze i DO NOT think of sex, i swear!


Nele said...

mind see teooria küll ei veena. üldse.

Anonymous said... aevastan ka kogu aeg. Ma arvasin, et olen kontori ohu osas allergiline, aga vist mitte siis.

Hernes said...

No täpselt, ma arvasin, et ma olen üldisemalt, töö suhtes allergiline:)

Rikkert said...

How can I believe you, when you are walking around the streets with a nookie monster T-shirt??? ;)

Hernes said...

haha, u have a point there:)