Thursday, December 11, 2008

How i almost got in trouble

Omg, i have to tell this story...

I came home the other night, parked the car, got my bags and my computer and was ready to enter the house when i suddenly saw a man on all fours on the other side of street. He was obviously too drunk to get up on his own, though he was trying hard. It was really funny and pathetic at the same time. He was so helpless:) I weighed my options and considered my size and his size (too big and too drunk to be helped by me) but i knew i couldn't just leave him there, i'd have thought about it the whole night. I crossed the road and asked if the good man needed some help, hoping at the same time that me stopping to help will attract more help. So i kind of sort of helped him and he got up and i tried to point him to whichever way he was going.

Suddenly, a woman appeared, also tipsy if not drunk, a real dog. She sized me up and said (in Russian), all sarcastic, to the man: "Izvinite, ja ne znala shto võ sdes vstretites." (sth like: Excuse me! I didn't know you have a date here.) Well, excuse ME! I was only trying to help the man but she still gave me the evil eye. For christ's sake, she must really have very high opinion of that guy if she thought he was meeting me:) I took off as fast as i could leaving them to sort it out. At least between the two of them they probably had more chances of arriving home safely.

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