Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catalonia travel diary - Intro

Click on the pic to get a closer look.
So we did some travelling. Let me introduce you to our travel party.
Me a.k.a Tigu a.k.a Mum
Jane a.k.a Dzhein a.k.a Ane a.k.a Alasti
Kox a.k.a Koxi a.k.a Koxi-Moxi
Magnus a.k.a Maku a.k.a Paki a.k.a Paco
Allan a.k.a Allan-Allan, a.k.a Alain a.k.a Ilja
Karle a.k.a Carlito a.k.a Garlic a.k.a Carlos

First we conquered Barcelona, then we took the whole Catalan seaside region and as a bonus, a bit of Castellon region as well. The only things we had planned previously were the flights, the car rental and the accommodation in BRN. All the rest we figured out on the way. The picture above shows you our route and marks the accommodation spots – Barcelona, San Salvador, Sant Carles and Castellon. First 4 days we spent in Barcelona and then started moving south, taking the toll-free roads close to the seaside and having a look at almost all the notable little towns and villages on the way. More of everything in the following posts but first, some important facts (Kiwi, I stole this idea from you, forgive me:)!

6 – number of people friends in the beginning of the journey
6 – number of people still friends with each other at the end of the journey
3 (at least) - number of transvestites met
¥ – amount of consumed alcohol
23,4 – amount of euros charged by the greedy catalan people for driving on their motorways
1 – number of passports with expired validation date
4 – number of my bed partners
0 – number of times any of us had sex
174 710 – population of Castellon city which we thought was at least a 500 000 city and which Alasti thought had a metro:)
1 – number of times we tried to get into a party, claiming to be Kimi Räikkonen’s friends and models
3 – number of people (out of 5) who got in for free after the aforementioned claim
Edit: Sources tell me that the number of sexual acts is wrong, but i am not sure if the sources know correctly:)

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